Whether you drive a Bug, Bus, Karman Ghia, Fast Back or any other Air Cooled Volkswagen, chances are your vehicle will need to get an oil change service at some point during its lifetime. Regular Oil Changes keep engines running smooth and help prevent issues down the road, and many drivers rely on oil changes with conventional motor oil to keep their vehicles in top shape. We at Bugformance in Sacramento have been performing oil changes on vehicles since 1978. During an oil change service, we will replace your engine oil and fill accordantly to specs, clean sump screen and plate with new gaskets, and inspect for any potential leaks.

Conventional oils are improved with chemical additives to help ensure they meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturers. This includes helping to keep internal engine surfaces clean, protecting against overheating, helping provide resistance to breakdowns, and providing the viscosity your vehicle needs (viscosity is the technical term for how thick and fluid the oil is).

Signs You Need To Get An Oil Change Service

Depending on the type of oil you use on your vehicle and the amount of miles on the odometer, there is a regular schedule that should be followed when it comes to getting an oil change. A general rule to follow is to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. Here are some signs that you need to get an oil change:

  • Excess vehicle exhaust.
  • Increased engine noise.
  • More mileage than usual.
  • Ticking sounds when starting.
  • Burnt oil smell.

Every Oil Change Includes

  • Fill up with 3 quarts of Oil (Extra Oil will be chartded)
  • Clean oil strainer (We replace it if needed)
  • Gaskets