Bugformace 1776cc Long Block
New Zero Miles
  • Bugformance 1776cc Zero mile dual port long block engines are build with all new parts and come with a new flywheel. Engine is ready to install your old engine tins, carburation system, and exhaust system.
  • Warranty: 30 day/1000 miles
  • ** NO CORE NEEDED **


  • 8 Dowel Pin Counterweight Crankshaft

  • Scat high performance camshaft

  • 12.5 lb. Lightweight 8 Dowel Pin Flywheel

  • Chromoly 1.1 Rocker Arms (Solid Rocker Shafts & Swivel Valve Adjusting Screws)

  • Chromoly Gland Nut & Thick Washer

  • New Lifters

  • Empi Valve Covers

  • Chromoly Connecting Rods

  • New case

  • New Stock Crank

  • New Flywheel

  • New Stock Rods

  • New 90.5mm Pistons and Cylinders

  • New Big Valve Dual Port Heads

  • All new bearings

  • New Camshaft and lifters

  • New pushrods and tubes

  • Valves adjusted and end play all set